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Vega Ft Francisca Valenzuela Y La Marisoul – Iladra!

¡Ladra! is the song I want to use to depict -essentially – a group of people who usually bark, fighting life and adversity, sometimes facing it harshly, sometimes firm as a rock, but always in the spirit of fixing things. Those so different from others that never say anything but, when least expected, attack and strike with a deadly bite to wound as its sole purpose. I bark, a lot, but I don’t bite. The muzzle is for those who bite. I say this as a woman. I don’t want a muzzle nor do I need one. And I’m not the only one: thank you Francisca and La Marisoul for your expertise and camaraderie; for contributing so much in this exercise of properly understood sorority to continue barking at the whole world in which anyone who wants to join is welcome. – Vega

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