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Terms and Conditions

This is an Agreement made on this 14 day of Jul, 2019 between Latinos Unidos, a Florida Company hereinafter referred to as “Licensor”, and the undersigned, representing themselves or a business in which they are employed, hereafter referred to as “Licensee” or “Subscriber.”

Latinos Unidos is a product whose sole intent is the promotional exposure of music and is restricted to use by professional DJ’s, Radio Stations, and specific music industry related professionals only. Use of this product beyond this intent is prohibited.

This entire Agreement is binding for one year beyond the last day of the month of the last month’s issue(s) subscribed to or shipped to Licensee. The agreement will be automatically extended for further like periods under the same terms and conditions upon renewal of any subscription or continued receipt of any product. If the subscription is terminated due to inappropriate activity or expires, voluntarily or involuntarily, the Licensee, upon the request of Latinos Unidos, agrees to immediately return all music in their possession. All music is and remains the sole and exclusive property of Licensor and is on loan to the above named Licensee from each represented recording label. All music received from Licensor is assigned to the above named Licensee and cannot in ANY way be sold, rented, duplicated, broadcast, or removed for play at any restricted location. Licensor reserves the right to require Licensee to cease and desist playing any audio clip upon written notice. If Licensee violates any portion of this Agreement, Licensee’s rights immediately terminate and all music must be returned to Latinos Unidos upon demand. Any resale, distribution in any manner, public display, and duplication in part or as a whole, including but not limited to all forms of digital encoding or duplication onto ANY format, is expressly prohibited. Violation of any applicable laws, including federal copyright laws or any other misuse of this promotional product, is strictly prohibited. Subscribers violating any portion of these conditions will be subject to immediate cancellation of subscription with no refund, and the Licensee will be held responsible for any legal actions resulting from this misuse including but not limited to criminal prosecution. Latinos Unidos will be held harmless for any activity of subscriber not specifically stated in this Agreement. All respective copyrights are retained by the artists, producers, and/or participating record labels and all applicable laws pertaining to original copyright owners continue to apply. Because of its promotional nature, Latinos Unidos reserves the right to refuse a subscription to anyone, for any reason, and cancel any subscription without refund for violation of any of the above statements or the inability to verify any of the information supplied by the subscriber.

Both parties hereto agree to the application of the Laws of the State of Florida to all disputes arising directly or indirectly under the Agreement. The forum for all disputes shall be within the State of Florida, unless otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing.

By applying for a Latinos Unidos Membership online, the Licensee/Subscriber agrees to and acknowledges the preceding statements, and the following:

  1. All information in the Agreement is true and correct;
  2. Licensee/Subscriber is over 18 years of age;
  3. This Agreement as a whole is a legal and binding contract;
  4. The digital audio and video provided by Latinos Unidos may not be resold, exchanged, duplicated or traded in any way;
  5. Licensee/Subscriber is responsible for all applicable ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, and other related fees;
  6. Latinos Unidos reserves the right to refuse a subscription to anyone, for any reason, and to cancel any subscription to anyone without refund for violation of this Agreement or the inability to verify any of the information provided by the Licensee/Subscriber;
  7. Licensee/Subscriber holds Licensor harmless with regard to all clauses of the Agreement;
  8. Licensee/Subscriber is responsible for all legal fees arising from Licensor’s enforcement of any terms of this Agreement.

Submission of Online Membership Aplication by Licensee/Subscriber shall create a binding Agreement subject to acceptance by Latinos Unidos.