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SMG’s Artist Nakkia Gold Drops New Single ”Sober” With Jeremih, Following His Verzuz Battle Performance

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Saban Music Group (SMG) ‘s singer, songwriter, and producer NAKKIA GOLD teamed up with acclaimed R&B singer Jeremih on the song “Sober,” following his latest viral appearance on Verzuz Battle. The pair show off their vocal chemistry on a produced track by multi-Grammy Award-winning collective 1500 or Nothin’.  

Best known for her remake of Bob Marley’s iconic song “Get Up, Stand Up,” NAKKIA GOLD is the latest musical talent to arise from South Los Angeles. Her catalog of hit songs includes “JUSTICE (Get Up, Stand Up)” featuring Wiz Khalifa, Bob Marley, and The Wailers and “Trap Santa” featuring rapper DDG. “JUSTICE (Get Up, Stand Up)” emoted communities worldwide during the pandemic and catalyzed the fight for equity, reform, and equality rights. It served as a staple song for grassroots organizations leading social justice initiatives. The song generated over 4 million views on YouTube and millions across all streaming platforms. 

A summer jam for R&B fans, “Sober” is an emotionally driven track about love in unhealthy relationships. NAKKIA GOLD‘s sultry fluidity and Jeremih’s signature flow deliver an unwavering twist to modern R&B and neo-soul music.  

“This song reveals the ugly truths that go unspoken in unhealthy relationships,” states NAKKIA GOLD. “Jeremih and I have both had messy past situations that put us in difficult situations and forced us to make hard decisions. The truth hurts sometimes.” 

From homelessness to becoming Saban Music Group’s first signed R&B artist, NAKKIA GOLD‘s music touches on subjects about personal struggle, toxic relationships, and unrequited love. The LGBTQ artist is slated to release more music this summer.  

Nikki Mason, known professionally as NAKKIA GOLD, is an American singer, songwriter, producer, and choreographer from Los Angeles, California. A lifelong performer who grew up with a natural talent for dancing and acting, NAKKIA GOLD is a new member of the Saban Music Group (SMG) roster. She volunteers at an organization that empowers young students through hip-hop dance classes. NAKKIA GOLD is working on an EP and collaborating on singles with other artists. 

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