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El Condado De La Salsa y Jazz Latino Year End Latin Jazz Best Of 2022 by Nelson Rodriguez

Latin Jazz in 2022 was once again fascinating, exciting and continued to expand the genre with great recordings and even more spectacular performances. Nelson Gonzalez finally released not one but two CD’s simultaneously (Los Dice Todo & Gracias Dizzy) that were not available for sale for several years. Pianist Cesar Correa emerged big time this year with various artists including the young pianist female Manon Muellner. Timbalera Zayra Pola not only starred with her own CD (mostly Salsa) but also with Son Divas (mostly Salsa) on my top 15 list.

The Latin Jazz Hits of 2022 (Tacks)

1-Del Caribe Latin Jazz All-Stars- Con-Cierto Tumbao

2-Zayra Pola- Mambo Pola

3-Brian Lynch & Spheres Of Influence- EP’s Plan B

4-Sonido Solar-Obsesion

5-CSAN-II- Cubop Alert

6-Manuel ‘Maneco’ Ruiz- Opus Minor

7-Johnny Blas- Berwyn Stop

8-DJ Livia & Cesar Correa Ft. Alfredo De La Fe-Aliviando Swing

9-Tony Rosa Afro Jazz- Nothing Personal

10-Spanish Harlem Orchestra- Mambo 2021

11-Leonardo Garcia- Spankin’

12-Son Divas- Machito Forever

13-Chucho Valdes & Paquito D’ Rivera- Pac Man

14-Cesar Correa & Manon Muellner- Grand Rue

15-Humberto Ramirez- Waiting Room

16-Joe McCarthy New York Afro Bop Alliance Big Band- March

17-Luis ‘Perico’ Ortiz- Warming Up

18-Carlos Averhoff Jr.-Oriented Conga

19-Luisito Quintero- Rendezvous

20-Alex Acuña- Chuncho

21-Nueva Manteca- Crisis

22-Gilberto Colon Jr. ‘El Pulpo’- Cachita

23-Alex ‘Apolo’ Ayala- Jibaro Negro

24-Sonido Solar- Suite 176

25-Roy Perez- Mi Ritmo Sensacional

26-Conrad Herwig- All The Things You Should Be By Now If Sigmund Freud’s Wife Was Your Mother

27-Nueva Manteca- Moanin’

28-Hisayo Kimada- Descarga Con Vibes

29-Stephen Giraldo- Mambo Jam

30-Arturo Sandoval- Guarachando

31-CSAN-II- Celestino

32-Willy Calderon LA Impromptu Orchestra- Why, Why Not?

33-Kali Rodriguez Peña- Yes Or No

34-LA Big Band & Anibal Seminario- Dolphin Leap

35-Manuel ‘Maneco’ Ruiz- Mambo 2021

36-Joe Gonzalez & Papo Pepin- Song For A Friend

37-Jose Aponte- Los Piratas (De Ballaja)

38-Luis Deniz- La Ceiba De Mayuya

39-Chuo Bomba Niconital- La Bailarina

40-Tony Rosa Afro Jazz- Mambo Mongo

41-Swing Sabroso- Tributo A Ray Rodriguez

42-Steve Turre- Pharoah’s Dance

43-Del Caribe Latin Jazz All Stars- Saludos Palmieri

44-Joe Gonzalez & Papo Pepin- Rocco’s Special

45-William Villaverde- Cuban Thanksgiving

46-Adrien Brandeis- Humpty Dumpty

47-Bill Ortiz- Sunburst

48-Joe Collado- Rumba De Ayer

49-Rafael Zaldivar- Crying For Cuba

50-Jose Aponte- In Motion

51-Miguel Valdes & The Feeling Messengers- Take The A Train

52-Cesar Correa y Manon Muellner- Cachanga Con Chicha

53-Alfredo De La Fe- Legado

54-Eddie Sanabria & Spanish Rice- C7 Jam

55-Manuel ‘Maneco’ Ruiz- Mambo 2000

56-Oliver Valdes- Nasobuco

57-Martin Bejerano- #CubanAmerican

58-Del Caribe Latin Jazz All Stars- Birks Works

59-Denis Kavemeier- Salsa Carlos

60-Nestor Torres & Corey Allen- Once Upon A Time In Santo Domingo

61-Alex Acuña- Aletin Aletun

62-Niño Josele & Chick Corea- Galaxias

63-Arturo Sandoval- Kumba

64-Oliver Valdes- Chekerson

65-Grupo Salsafon- Descarga SLF

66-La Candela Salsa Orchestra- Pink Panther Theme

67-Richie Vee- Simon

68-The LA Big Band y Anibal Seminario- Fast Fish

69-DJ Henrix- Winds Of Time

70-Aldemar Valentin-Afrobeat

71-La Colectiva Mandjuazz- Mundjuazz

72-Aldemar Valentin- Cinco Cuartos

73-Connie Grossman- People Make The World Go Round

74-Alberto Garcia- Blacky’s Blues

75-Daniel Falquez- Cafecito

76-Tarquim- Pa’ La Calle

77-William Villaverde- The Journey

78-Mucho Mambo- El Padrino

79-Luisito Quintero- City View (Live)

80-La Maxima 79- Aegua

The top recordings included debuts by Luis Deniz, Kali Rodriguez Peña, Alex ‘Apolo’ Ayala, Tony Rosa Afro Jazz, Manuel ‘Maneco’ Ruiz, Rafael Zaldivar, Del Caribe Latin Jazz All-Stars (two CD’s) led by Nelson Gonzalez, Sonido Solar, and Roy Perez. It also includes three releases from Japan: Chuo Bomba Niconital, Tadataka Unno and Hisayo Yamada.

The Top Latin Jazz CD’s of 2022

1-“Manuel ‘Maneco’ Ruiz”

2-Roy Perez-Sensational

3-Del Caribe Latin Jazz All Stars- Gracias Dizzy

4-Brian Lynch & Spheres Of Influence- The Songbook Vol.2-Dance The Way You Want To

5-Tony Rosa Afro Jazz- Bout Time

6-Conrad Herwig- The Latin Side of Mingus

7-Nueva Manteca- Art

8-Chucho Valdes & Paquito D’ Rivera Reunion Sextet- I Miss You Too!

9-Del Caribe Latin Jazz All Stars- Lo Dice Todo

10-Adrein Brandeis- Siempre Mas Alla

11-Jose Aponte- From Here, From There

12-Kali Rodriguez Peña- Melange

13-Joe Collado- The Sounds Of Latin Groove Project

14-Bill Ortiz- Points Of View

15-Miguelo Valdes & The Feeling Messengers- Lovely

16-CSAN-II- Combinacion Mundial

17-Alexis Baro- My Roots-The Cuban Trumpet Tradition

18-Chuo Bomba Niconital- La Bailarina

19-Tadataka Unno- Get My Mojo Back

20-Oliver Valdes- Nasobuco

21-Rafael Zaldivar- Rumba

22-Leonardo Garcia- On The Cloud

23-Martin Bejerano- #CubanAmerican

24-Hisayo Yamada- Mi Cubania

25-Jose Aponte- From Here, To There

26-Alberto Garcia- Rajazz

27-The LA Big Band y Anibal Seminario- On The Way, The Dream of Chris Pappas

28-Connie Grossman- Chasing The Sunset (EP)

29-‘Los Ninos Del Latin Jazz’

30-Aldemar Valentin-Arrebol

31-Jeanne Michard- Songes Trasnsatlantiques

32-Joe Abba- Check Point33-Nestor Torres & Corey Allen- Dominican Suite

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