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Vol 2 is a call to gratitude and leisure. In today’s world, happiness tends to be confused with professional achievement, or what is established as personal success. Curiosity is one of Club Mundo Kids’ Pilars. Understanding the world around us and questioning why, without losing patience. We invite children to venture into the unknown, develop the necessary skills to study the world, with the time it deserves. Every day we are exposed to new experiences and situations, and no matter how shocking they are, we can learn something new from all of them. It is by making a conscious reflection that allows us feed our wisdom. As of November 2021, school closures due to COVID-19 affected an estimated 71 million children in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to UNICEF. Each of Club Mundo Kids’ song has a moral, a fable. The general message is to educate, to empower and to entertain.

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