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Zanja All Stars Ft Changuito, Maria Victoria – Cariño Falso

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Zanja All Stars is a dream opportunity, not only for Zanja Records, but also for the artists involved. In the great tradition of the Cuban Jam Sessions of the past, the best Cuban singers and musicians have come together under the Musical Direction of Julito Padron to create an instant classic.

The All Stars: Changuito, Julito Padron, Maria Victoria, Pedro Pablo Vasquez – Ondy, Enrique Lazaga, Jorge Valdez – Chicoy, Gaston Joya, Eduardo Sandoval, Roberto Gomez, Oliver Valdes, Yaroldy Abreu,  Pedro Lugo Martinez – El Nene, Emir Santa Cruz, Sixto Llorente – El Indio, Efrain Rios, Rodney Barretto, Carlos Rios, Otto Santana, Adel Gonzalez, Rolando Luna, Ramses Rodriguez.


  • Papa Boco – (Montuno Descarga)
  • Mambo En La Cueva (Mambo  Descarga)
  • Shaker Heights (Jazz Cubano en 6/8)
  • Obsesion (Bolero Moruno)
  • Los Cacos Del Amor (Boogaloo-Cha)
  • Carino Falso (Descarga Montuno)
  • La Serpiente (Jazz en 5/4)
  • 1959 (Son)
  • Papa Boco (Descarga Ceremonial)
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