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Wild Boy Cooba “Betoven”

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WildBoy Cooba grew up in the Washington Heights Section of NYC. He studied and participated in high level taekwondo tournaments at an early age and was ranked # 8 in the country in forms (traditional kata). By the age of 12, influenced by musicians like “Celia Cruz” who frequented his family’s home. WBC re-focused his energy from martial arts to music; showing a natural talent for writing and producing. Presently when not tending to his duties as a full-time electrician, Cooba spends his time mastering his artistic craft to ensure the exposure of his music on a global level, while providing a body of music that will guarantee a positive reaction from DJs and audiences alike. “WildBoy Cooba” identifies himself as an urban genre interpreter, indulging in Spanish Trap, Dembow and Reggaeton. He chooses to perform his music in Spanish, even though he was born in the United States, and fluently speaks English. This is “Wildboy Cooba’s” way of showing the world his strong sense of Hispanic pride, while paying homage to his Dominican-Cuban heritage. WBC is in the process of releasing his debut single, a Dembow styled track called “Betoven” in the first quarter of 2019. “Betoven” was chosen as the single that will introduce the “WildBoy” to the world. The “Betoven” music video just wrapped up filming and will feature cameos from some of Latin and Urban music’s most influential DJs and artist alike, including “DJ Lobo”, “DJ Enuff” and Legendary Bronx rapper “Fat Joe” to name a few. The video will also highlight the artist energetic and playful personality, while emphasizing on his Dominican culture that gave birth to the Dembow music genre. Passion for music combined with an uncanny ability to perform in front of large audiences has made “Wildboy Cooba’s” move into music and entertainment a perfect fit.

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