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Vinny Rivera X Derekvinci – Rico

Available on all digital platforms!

Vinny Rivera, the International Bachata artist, is thrilled to announce the upcoming of his latest single, “Rico,” a seductive mix of Bachata, Bachaterengue, and Reggaeton. Produced in collaboration with Executive Producer DerekVinci, this Bachata track showcases Vinny’s signature style and irresistible charm.

“Rico” is a mesmerizing ode to the way a girl dances with a tantalizing allure, leaving Vinny spellbound. The song beautifully blends Bachata’s rhythmic melodies, Bachaterengue’s dynamic energy, and Reggaeton’s infectious beats. Vinny’s soulful vocals and heartfelt lyrics express his intense attraction to the girl and the captivating aroma of her scent.

Vinny Rivera is known for his ability to deliver music that resonates with listeners worldwide. With “Rico,” he continues to push boundaries and create an unforgettable musical experience for his fans. 

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