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Talia – Yo Soy Latina

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From the heart of Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Talia musical voyage began on March 25, 1981, infused with the vibrant essence of Latin and Pop melodies. A natural vocalist, a mother of two and the second of four siblings, her childhood days resonated with the harmonies of her innate musical talent.

Early dreams with her elder sister saw them crafting original songs, their aspirations reaching for the stars. Life’s demands, however, briefly redirected her path, yet destiny’s melody would reawaken her spirit.

In 2012, Talia found herself commanding the stage as the lead vocalist of the renowned cover band Galileo. From festivals to intimate venues, her voice painted myriad emotions. But her artistic compass guided her elsewhere, prompting the 2015 inception of Sonidos Unidos alongside her brother—a project melding Latin and Pop to dissolve cultural boundaries, embodying her commitment to love and service as reflected in her work within youth development.

Her resonant voice reverberated across New York State’s stages, from casinos and the State Fair to Puerto Rican Festivals in Rochester and Buffalo, alongside International Jazz festival. Embedded within her community’s musical fabric, Talia’s presence graced Sonidos Unidos, Bachata Rebelde, Canchani Grupo Acústico, and the pioneering all-female ensemble, ELLAS.

Her single “Es Que No Puedo” resonated across streaming platforms, capturing audiences worldwide. However, anticipation now swirls around her forthcoming single, “Yo Soy Latina,” set to be unveiled on September 8, 2023. This anthem isn’t just a song; it’s an embodiment of Talia’s identity as a Latina woman—a testament to unity and empowerment.

“Yo Soy Latina” is a declaration of embracing one’s roots, transcending borders to celebrate the essence of being Latina. Talia encapsulates the strength, resilience, and pride that define her heritage. Beyond its musical resonance, the song echoes Talia’s broader aspirations. The song isn’t just for her—it’s for anyone who seeks unity through love and respect, transcending geographical and cultural confines.

With “Yo Soy Latina,” she not only unearths her own identity but opens the door for others to do the same, fostering unity and empowerment in the universal language of music.

Composer- Pedro Jesus
Arranger – JR Rivera
Producer- Victor Antonetti / Rhythmic Studio
Mixing/ Mastering- Richard Marcell / Swing Factory Studio
Piano- JR Rivera
Bass – Richard Marcell
Percussion-Marcos (Ito) Arguinzoni
Percussion-Daniel (Deecoy) Antonetti
Percussion – Julio Pabon
Trumpet – Melvin Garriga (Cirilo)
Trombone- Lester Perez
Trombone- (Solo) Juan Carlos Ctardona (Juaco)

Coros: Johnny Rivera / Richard Marcell / Lorna Márcano

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