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Roc Flowers World Musician – “Always Searching For Freedom”

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Born Pietro Nannucci in Prato Italy in 1999, Roc Flowers moved to the United States at the age of 2 and lived also in Morocco and Spain and began to write and sing in English but also Italian, Spanish and French.  

Passionate for music, he listened to diverse genres and artists. He started to write lyrics and music at age 16 and evolved in a multi-genres artist, hip hop/rap, NuJazz, pop, reggae with deep messages to his fans and listeners as well as eclectic techno music producer presenting his own DJ sets. 

Roc Flowers words: 

“My vision is to create art that transcends borders and boxes. I want to collaborate and create with artists from all over the world while experimenting with all kinds of sounds and genres, making music that empowers human beings. Exploration and innovation are the key. There are infinite ideas in the air and it is up to us to grab them and turn them from something mystical into something material “ 

He participated to several collaboration projects with international artists and musicians from various countries and genres like Fabrizio Bosso (jazz/Italy), Stefano De Donato (funk/Italy), Sonny King (hip hop/rap/USA), Ismaila Mbaye (ethnic/Senegal), Antonio Farao’ (jazz/Italy), Burcu Karadag (ethinic/Turkey), Mario Rosini (jazz-pop/Italy) and achieved multiple awards at the Global Music Award and a nomination at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2021. 

With his collaboration as Pablo Nannucci on the album Music for Love Vol.1 he received a co-publishing agreement for “Cantabile 2.0” by the family of the great pianist and composer Michel Petrucciani for the lyrics and interpretation of that song, the license by Damian Marley and Universal Music for “Speak Life 3.0”, original song part of the Grammy Award winner album by Damian Marley, for his lyrics and interpretation, he also had his first original song published “Ego” in the same album.  

“Speak Life 3.0” received a nomination in the Rap/Hip Hop category at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. 

“Speak Life 3.0” music video was featured during NAMM 2021 in Los Angeles in the MarkBass program. 

He signed with Music for Love / QJP Music recording label in 2019 just before the Covid pandemic started.  

Roc performed a live event presentation of his work in Florence, Italy with his band in February 2021 (including Stefano De Donato and Riccardo Onori) and published 3 singles during summer 2021, “Ride your Bike”, “Solea” and “Celestity”.

The partnership and collaboration with platinum records winner, music producer & bassist Stefano De Donato allowed him to make important steps to produce his debut album Always Searching for Freedom and his collaboration in the “O’Vision” project, an album with internationally known musicians like Fabrizio Bosso on the trumpet and Max Ionata on the saxophone. 

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