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Rey El Vikingo – Causa Y Efecto

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Reinery Efren Diaz, an artist of Cuban origin, who began his artistic career after his arrival to Montreal. Pushed and inspired by the pain felt due to the remoteness of his family and his loved ones, he began to compose and sing in order to relieve the pressure he felt and to empty his heart. Thanks to his positive energy and a strong dedication to his love of music, he has succeeded to establish a place as a professional in the music industry. Not only has he participated in countless numbers of international festivals and televised programs but he has also acquired numerous prizes as an artist. On top of his great accomplishments and stunning performances, the music of Rey El Vikingo is also featured in the american movie and television industry. Today this talented artist has succeeded in his two greatest passions which is music and sports. He was a member of the national Cuban judo team. This discipline has helped him maintain concentration on producing new, energetic music with charisma and positive messages.

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