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Ray Viera “Pachecolandia”

Disponible aqui en vinyl

Lo nuevo del talento Ray Viera!

Ray Viera: Producer, Composer, Mixing, Audio engineer, Vocals, Minor percussion
Edwin Sanchez: Co-Producer, Arrangements, Piano
Ray Martinez: Bass
Jorge Gonzalez: Bongos
Willie Romero: Congas
Ozzie Melendez: Trombones
Alex Norris: Trumpets
Vic Ortiz: Flute solo in “Guiro de Macorina”
Adrianna Viera: Violins
Adrianna Viera, Stefanie Viera, Rayna Viera, and Jessie Agudelo: Children singing in “Yo
Quiero Morir Cantando”
All songs arranged by Edwin Sanchez
Recorded and Mixed at Méthode Studio
Mastering by Ed Littman
Album artwork by Rene Denis

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