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Nashali – Second Chance (At Love)

Available on all digital platforms and CD, Limited Edition Vinyl on August 18, 2023!

Nashali was born and raised in Park Slope New York. She began dancing at the tender age of
four. She grew up with influences such as Iris Chacon, Charro, Charitin and Lourdes Chacon.
Music was always played in her home, her oldest brother DJ Lucky was always jamming to
disco. Dances such as the hustle, the burn, and break dancing and modern jazz became her
passion. Her love for freestyle music began in 1983, the moment she heard for the first time
Shannon’s “Give Me Tonight”. Freestyle music came at a time in her life where certain traumas
she had experienced almost took her to the brink of losing her life. At the age of 14 she was
already going to clubs, such as Heartthrobs, The Devil’s Nest, 10/18, Latin Quarters, Bentleys,
LaMirage. There she was introduced and saw many freestyle artists such as TKA, Exotic Erotic,
Nice & Wild, Safire, Judy Torres, and India. When she was 15 she moved to Puerto Rico, and
was one of the first female break dancers in the Island. Later on, 1990’s she continued getting
involved in the music industry after translating Cynthia’s “Thief of Hearts”. She started to record
in the studio with Elvis Garcia, executive producer of Prime Records in Puerto Rico. She met
Baron Lopez in 1991, and through her relationship with him was exposed to many artists such
as Vico C, K7, and many reggaeton rappers. When their relationship ended, she was involved in
a few music videos as a dancer and did choreography for many groups in 1995-1997. Her father
intervened and stopped her from pursuing a music career, therefore pursued a career in
psychology. Fast forward to 2022. She decided to pick up where she left off, teamed up with
Erick Monasterio of 729 Entertainment Group. And here you have her today as new upcoming
recording artist.

Written by: Luis Marté
Produced by: Erick Monasterio
Additional Production & Keys by: Luis Marté for LMM
Mixed & Mastered by: Luis Marté
Additional Engineering by: Erick Monasterio
*Additional Production & Editz by: Louis Robles & Erick Monasterio for Works of Art
+Editz by: Felix Figueroa (ThePhlexican)
Recorded at: LMM Studios, FL
Background Vocals by: Luis Marté

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MANAGEMENT: LionMadeEntertainment ℅ Erick Monasterio / (352) 978-274


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