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MON LAFERTE “Tenochtitlán”

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Mon Laferte employs rhythmic foundations and samples to craft a composition centered around societal critique and self-esteem. Regarding the genesis of her latest track, she acknowledges, “I believe this resonates with individuals across diverse locations due to the prevalence of criticism and scrutiny.” This new musical creation stems from three core concepts: self-value, societal evaluation, and transformation. In her piece “Tenochtitlán,” electronic elements ascend, intertwined with allusions to trip-hop—a facet of the artist’s prior repertoire—with an innovative infusion: iconic mariachi and bolero notes spontaneously emerge. The introduction of the fresh single is complemented by its cover artwork, a creation by the visual artist from Chiapas, Fabián Cháirez, whose works of art have consistently probed realms of authority, dominance, and tradition.

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