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Mon Laferte “Autopoiética”

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“Autopoietica” is here, it has arrived and along with it, a new way of interpreting and listening to Mon Laferte has also arrived. An album comprised of fourteen songs that the artist herself has defined as much more reflective compared to her previous works and in which she experimented with new tools, creating her songs from rhythmic bases or samples, thus returning to the most alternative essence of the early years of her career, with courage, honesty and freedom that leads to those who have nothing to lose.

The title of her eighth album comes from the concept of “autopoiesis”, coined by Chilean biologists Francisco Varela and Humberto Maturana in the 1970s to define the process of self-maintenance of cells. “When I was making this album the word autopoiesis settled in me and I wanted to bring it to this work in a metaphorical way,” explains Mon. “I like to believe in the idea of a constant rebirth and convince myself that despite the adversities of life, I have the ability to continue reinventing myself, that is the great gift we all have.”

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