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Leonardo Garcia “Doce”


Leonardo Garcia an accomplished keyboardist, pianist, composer and arranger. Styles include Jazz, Latin and Salsa, and Rock/Fusion. He was nominated and won The Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA) November 2018 for the category Latin Traditional.
Leonardo is a recording artist and arranger, and has performed with various groups and orchestras in the DC area for over 30 years. He maintains a busy schedule performing live and working on various recording projects; including the release of a Latin Jazz album March 2018, titled Leonardo Garcia. In February 2019, he established a relationship and starting using keyboards from Dexibell, the Vivo S1 and S3 for live performances and recording.
As a prelude to a salsa album project he has been working on, Leonardo has released two salsa singles in 2018; Tu Eres (HMMA Award 2018) and Sweet Love, and a number of other Latin Jazz titles.

Doce was reviewed, prior to its release, by a variety of individuals, and one of the comments is as follows: Leonardo Garcia’s follow-up to his debut album is entitled “DOCE” and will include twelve tracks of top grade, hard hitting Salsa rhythms that will surely keep your inner Salsa engine running in pristine condition! This album will reinforce to all concerned within the worldwide Salsa community, that Salsa is, in fact, BACK and here to stay in 2019 and beyond!”

Doce is another work of true collaboration; featuring lyrics on ten songs by Daniel Alexander. Leonardo and Daniel are very close friends and have performed, recorded and continue to collaborate on a number of projects for over 30 years. Leonardo commenced playing salsa with the DC based Orquesta Peligro that performed at Chelsea’s in Georgetown.

The concept of this album, Doce, translation is Twelve, was to bring twelve aggressive salsa songs, or ‘Salsa Dura’ that were well played for the salsa dancer, salsa enthusiast, and also for the ear of the listener enjoying different rhythms, harmonies and melodies. Doce has a lot of symbolism to it, but also has significance to Leonardo, as it was about this age that he started to play piano; having commenced music with guitar and percussion.

The order of the album and featured artists are as follows:
Baila Mi Rumba features Miguel Angel Barrios on vocals
Ella features Gonzalo Diaz on vocals
La Verdad features Mariana La Sonera on vocals
Gitana features Gonzalo Diaz on vocals
Ahora features Jorge Nicolay Aviles on vocals
No Preguntes features Rodrigo Mendoza on vocals
Ojos Que No Ven features Hector Pagan on vocals and Vivian Mojica
No Me Mires Asi features Marcial Isturiz on vocals
Tonto Corazon features Memo Arroyave on vocals, and this song is dedicated to Bill Moore
Otra Ocupa Tu Lugar features Miguel Angel Barrios on vocals
Cuidala features Verny Varela on vocals
Sabor a Mi Tierra features Miguel Angel Barrios on vocals

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