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J Salez X DerekVinci “Buscando Un Amor”

Singing sensation J Salez has released his brand new single “Buscando Un Amor ” on all streaming platforms. Paying homage to his California roots with his signature Bachata sound, the artist is quickly gaining attention worldwide. “The goal this year is to push the boundaries and create something special that will put the West Coast in the history books of Bachata Music,” said J Salez.

His newest single, “Buscando Un Amor,” is produced by DerekVinci, which breaks away from traditional bachata and features a fresh, unique flavor. “Buscando Un Amor” is about searching for meaningful, authentic, and everlasting love, captivating the essence of Bachata Music, love and romance.

Ataca, the most renowned Bachata dancer in the world, has emphasized that this is one of his favorite songs of J Salez’s upcoming EP “California Love”, details of which are still unreleased.

J Salez will release a highly anticipated EP this year and begin touring Worldwide, showcasing his work and unique choreographed performances.

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