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Ismael Cala Foundation to celebrate 50 months of successful work with Gala in Miami on September 14th


The Gala Fifty, to celebrate the first 50 months of work of the Ismael Cala Foundation (FIC – Fundación Ismael Cala), will be held on September 14th in Miami. The social occasion is designed as a fundraising event to strengthen Foundation’s programs and foster the education and social transformation of children, adolescents and young adults.

Special guests will be putting in an appearance, like Oscar de León and Erika Ender, and the charismatic Daniel Sarcos will host the proceedings. As an additional feature, Erika Ender will be receiving the Philanthropy Award of the Ismael Cala Foundation.

“In 50 months of operation, 6,359 young people from 13 countries in Latin America and the United States have benefited from our programs, which seek to develop their potential and contribute to their well-being and social progress. This outcome has been possible thanks to alliances with other foundations, academic institutions and businesses,” Ismael Cala explained.

The renowned communicator, business strategist and philanthropist will also be celebrating his 50th birthday, and the party will be for the benefit of the region’s young people.

Gala Fifty will also feature an auction for the benefit of the “Fly a Kite” program, which was launched in Guatemala and aims to reach new countries. Its goal is to provide adolescents with tools for leadership and emotional intelligence.

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