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Home » International Popstar MERGUI Releases His 2nd English Language Single “Lie Like This,” via Saban Music Group

International Popstar MERGUI Releases His 2nd English Language Single “Lie Like This,” via Saban Music Group

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Following the release of his debut single, “Sucks To Know You (FU),” earlier this year, international pop sensation Mergui continues to build momentum with the release of his latest single, “Lie Like This,” via Saban Music Group.

Through his lyrics, vocals, and an impeccable production in the hands of the prolific super producer Mike Dean, Mergui is taking us on a revelatory journey in which the duality of love and hate is at the center. Mergui is offering us the captivating sound of a young artist who knows his abilities. His music feels natural, and so does his voice; gifted with a beautiful voice that feels at times vulnerable, at times powerful, raw and silky. With “Lie Like This,” we encounter an honest song brilliantly written and beautifully produced that takes the audience deep inside Mergui’s emotional landscape.

The music video for “Lie Like This,” a continuation of the story told in “Sucks To Know You (FU),” is a visual representation of the feelings expressed in the lyrics. The cinematic video shows Mergui driving the same car, this time through the night, on a foggy, rainy road which he ultimately loses control of and crashes. He tries to drag the burning vehicle back down the road—a metaphor for the relationship he desperately tried to save, even though he knew it couldn’t work.

We are only getting started with Mergui, and he is already gaining plenty of visibility. In just over a month after the release of his debut English single, “Sucks To Know You (FU)” has over 5 Million streams to date globally. The song achieved the #1 spot on Spotify and Apple in Israel only days after its debut. It is clear that Mergui is one of the fastest rising international artists and young talent with a bright future.

In 2020, Haim Saban personally signed Mergui to Saban Music Group. After amassing tens of millions of streams and emerging as a star in Israel, the singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and international phenomenon Mergui arrives as a fiery force for pop worldwide on a series of English-language singles for Saban Music Group and his upcoming debut EP, Dark Side of the Rainbow. Inspired by his musical family and the western stars he watched on YouTube growing up, such as Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Stevie Wonder, and Justin Bieber, Mergui decided to study music at a high school for the arts before auditioning for the Israeli TV competition Rising Star at age 17. He placed second on the show, attracting a rabid fan base before releasing his first Hebrew single in 2019.

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