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“Gia Fu presents Angel Meléndez X Big Band Máquina”


Gia Fu Bio

Gia Fu is a multi-disciplinary artist who works as a music selector, traditional Chinese dancer and radio hostess based in Hong Kong. She primarily focuses on digging and spinning salsa and mambo gems everywhere she goes while also diving deep into all Afro-Latin music, disco and house grooves. Fu runs the Mild Mambo Club show on Rinse FM and is an enigma in Hong Kong, mostly DJing at salsa festivals and congresses outside of Hong Kong.

Instagram: _giafu


Angel Meléndez Bio

Angel Meléndez, a native of the island of Puerto Rico, graduated from VanderCook College of Music. He has been teaching music in schools for more than 35 years. He has been on the music scene for years and was Grammy-nominated for his previous album. Meléndez, who has lived most of his life in Chicago, has been an arranger, a musical director, and performer for some of the world’s most renowned salsa artists, including Frankie Ruiz, Andy Montañez, Cano Estremera and many more. In the 1990s, he led five of his own orchestras, including a big-band, Arallué, and a female group called Angel. His latest project is “Big Band Máquina” with young and upcoming talented producer Gia Fu. “Big Band Máquina” is a salsa big band orchestra featuring a group of 30 legendary and new and upcoming artists.

Instagram: angelmambo911