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Francisca Valenzuela “Adentro”

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Chilean artist Francisca Valenzuela is releasing her highly anticipated album titled “Adentro.” This introspective album delves into raw and intimate themes of relationships and self-discovery, fearlessly embracing vulnerability and authenticity. The poignant lyrics and melodies explore a range of emotions, addressing thought-provoking questions on identity, self-love, insecurities, desire, rejection, and empowerment. Excitingly, Valenzuela is currently adding an extra layer of energy to Jesse & Joy’s shows in the US as their special guest, opening 20 concerts for the beloved duo. Additionally, she has thrilled her fans with the announcement of performances in Chile, where three dates have already sold out, and in Mexico, culminating with a highly anticipated performance at the prestigious Blackberry Auditorium in CDMX.

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