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Flavia Abadia Ft Itz Nico P, Miginomics, Medylandia – Ynqf (Yo No Quiero Flores)

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Flavia Abadía, an international DJ, MC, singer, and songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Colombian and French-Canadian, born in France, Flavia seamlessly blends an array of musical genres, ranging from Latin and Moombahton to Hip Hop, House, Vogue, and other global elements.

With an impressive track record, Flavia’s original music has garnered over 2 million cumulative streams, attesting to her widespread appeal and creative prowess. In 2024, she is set to release her highly anticipated third album, “SALVAJE.”

Prior to this, Flavia made a significant mark in 2023 with the release of her first all-Spanish album, “Hacia La Luz,” accompanied by several successful singles.

In 2021, Flavia Abadía unveiled her debut album, a musical tapestry, “Crossover.” With each track, she skillfully navigated through genres, creating a sonic journey that captivated hearts and left a bold declaration that her music transcends boundaries, inviting listeners into a world where unity through diversity reigns supreme.

Flavia’s unique blend of musical taste, technical skill, infectious positive energy, and trilingual proficiency in English, French, and Spanish has propelled her to stages and events across Canada, the USA, France, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, and beyond.

Flavia Abadía continues to captivate audiences with her diverse musical palette and unwavering commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Stay tuned as she ventures into new sonic territories with the release of “SALVAJE” in 2024.

YNQF, short for “Yo No Quiero Flores” meaning, “I don’t want flowers” is an energetic, vibrant song about wanting to go out, forgetting all your problems and having fun! Because sometimes one needs that small escape or break to let go and enjoy yourself!

This global anthem features the dynamic collaboration of Colombian-French Canadian lead singer and DJ, Flavia Abadía, joined by Argentinian-Canadian MC Itz Nico P, American-Caribbean rapper Miginomics, and Dominican-French Canadian Producer Medylandia. The fusion of diverse musical talents creates an electrifying atmosphere, blending live instruments such as the trumpet and trombone by Cuban musician Alexis Baro, complemented by background vocals from Dominican artist Altur Santos and Cuban artist AB2.

Beyond its infectious beats, “YNQF” is a celebration of unity, forging connections through the universal language of music. Drawing parallels to the global success of Farruko’s “Pepas” and the rise of Latin music through the influence of artists like Daddy Yankee, Bad Bunny, and Karol G, Flavia’s creation illustrates the transcendence of Latin music across borders while showcasing some of Canada’s diversity. The incorporation of both Spanish and English vocals elevates the song to new heights, making it an instant favorite among a diverse audience.

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