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ERNI LU “Amor Platónico”

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Erni Lu, the Peruvian singer-songwriter and guitarist based in New York, celebrates non-romantic connections with his single “Amor Platónico.” Inspired by the funk-disco vibes of Jamiroquai and the Bee Gees, Erni Lu reclaims the term “platonic” in its original sense, diverging from the unattainable and silent notion often portrayed in soap operas. The song is produced by Linda Briceño, a two-time Latin Grammy winner, and engineered by Jeanne Montalvo, a Grammy-nominated sound engineer. It aims to redefine the concept of love by emphasizing the importance of genuine and enduring friendships. This track holds personal significance for the artist as he dedicates it to his close female friends, women he has encountered at various stages of his life.

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