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Erika Ender receives Philanthropy Award from the Ismael Cala Foundation


Salsa legend Oscar D’León closes Gala Fifty celebrating 50 months of the Ismael Cala Foundation.

This Saturday, Erika Ender, Panamanian composer, president of the Fundación Puertas Abiertas (‘Open Doors Foundation’) and creator of the Talenpro project, received the Philanthropy Award of the Ismael Cala Foundation for being “an example of social responsibility.”

“She has created an exponential platform for young talents, interweaving entertainment and culture with efforts to promote the social welfare of others. Coming from Panama and acting on behalf of the world, she has prioritized the professional and emotional education of new generations, with the aim of training balanced human beings,” Ismael Cala emphasized as he handed over the prize to the renowned, multiple award-winning artist, who has broken records of all kinds. Her songs have been recorded by more than 200 international artists, including the smash hit Despacito (‘Easy does it’).

Cala said that Ender “today is an example of an artist with a sense of social responsibility, involved in managing solutions for Panamanians and providing an example for the Americas overall.”

The award was presented at Gala Fifty, in Miami, which celebrated the Ismael Cala Foundation’s first 50 months of work.

During the event, funds were raised to strengthen Foundation programs and contribute to the education and social transformation of children, adolescents and young adults, with Daniel Sarcos and Alessandra Villegas serving as Emcees.

“This foundation is part of my DNA. It didn’t just come into being by chance or inertia, but because I wanted to build something like this. Obviously, this is a team effort. I’ve just been the manager. It’s all the people who work here who make all the difference,” said Cala in his remarks.

In its 50 months of activity, 6,359 young people from 13 countries in Latin America and the United States have benefited from its programs, which seek to develop their potential and enhance their wellbeing and social development.

Dilcia Ruan, ambassador of the Foundation and organizer of the Gala, indicated that “with the funds raised at the gala, some 500 young people from Latin America will benefit from emotional intelligence programs.”

At the Gala Fifty an auction was also held to benefit the “Fly a Kite program,” initially launched in Guatemala, and scheduled to reach nine other countries. Its aim is to offer tools for emotional intelligence and leadership to adolescents.

Salsa legend Oscar D’León brought the gala to a close with a driving salsa beat.

Celebrities such as designer Nicolás Felizola, journalists Mariana Atencio (NBC) and María Alejandra Requena (CNN en Español) walked the blue carpet, among guests from the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Ecuador, Belgium, Germany, Chile, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala and other countries.

The event’s official auction featured contributions from the designers Carolina Herrera, Nicolás Felizola and Giannina Azar, among others.

The Ismael Cala Foundation (IFC) aspires to develop the emotional and educational leadership of at-risk children, adolescents and young adults in our region and among the Hispanic population of the United States. To accomplish its mission, the ICF has created a variety of programs, among them the Scholarship Award program. In alliance with educational institutions, companies and other social development organizations, it promotes the education and training of young people by awarding scholarships for classes and/or programs of study for personal and professional improvement, in this way increasing their wellbeing and social development.