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El Condado De La Salsa Mid April 2019 by Nelson Rodriguez


One of this year’s top Salsa recordings belongs to the young composer from Ponce, Puerto Rico who was raised in Juana Diaz. Eduardo Zayas y su Ez La Banda’s “Nacido Entre Titanes” refers to all the great composers he gravitated to like Rafael Hernandez, Bobby Capo, Tite Curet Alonso, Johnny Ortiz, Mirta Silva, Roberto Anglero and others. Joining ranks with Venezuelan Leo Pacheco Jr. they embarked on this Venezuelan/Puerto Rican venture that swings from beginning to end. The recording includes the vocal talents from Venezuela Marcial Isturiz who sings “Angeles En La Escuela” written by Zayas to commemorate what happened in Parkland, Florida in 2018and the senseless loss of lives. Isturiz also excelled on “La Criznza”. Rodrigo Mendoza showcases his voice another favorite “La Vieja Escuela” which is a tribute to some of the great soneros. Mariana La Sonera gives us “La Mulata Guerrera” with a superb bongo solo by Yomar Mendez. Efren Avellaneda on “Musa Salsera” and Edgar ‘Dolor’ Quijada on “Fruto De Mi Barrio” complete the South American vocalists.

Choco Orta opens the CD and is the first representative from Puerto Rico with the single “La Voz De Borinquen” with a very tasty cuatro solo by Victor Ortiz Zayas. Also representing Puerto Rico you have Anthony Colon on “Eres Fuerte Puerto Rico” & “Mas Boricua Que El Coqui”. One of today’s hottest vocalists from the island Rico Walker (Don Perignon) on the hit “Nacido De Un Tambor” while Rafy Andino does “Ave Liberada” and Fernando Mercado singing “El Hombre Mentiroso”. The CD is a showcase for Zaya’s writing talents and many of these songs you will see on charts worldwide.

Lucho Munoz.jpg

Peruvian vocalist/pianist Luchito Muñoz makes his amazing debut, “Antagonico”, starting off with the first hit “Un Peruano En La Habana” that combines the cajon & Peruvian folkloric rhythms with Timba. And destined to hit many playlists throughout the year are “Te Traigo Lo Que Hace Falta” with Marcial Isturiz, “Sonero Que Canta En Clave” with Rico Walker, “Primero Esta El Bailador” with Richard Rey and “Agregala Al Feis”. I should also mention the performances by pianist Cesar Correa and trumpeter Edward Plater.

Yo Soy del Perú

Carlo Rodriguez is a bassist/composer/arranger from Lima, Peru who has been residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina since his youth. His latest self-titled CD follows his 2017 debut that was an all bolero release. The compositions he wrote combines Salsa Romantica (Mi Hija, Sigo, Pensando En Ella, and Nada De Nada) with more upbeat modern Salsa “Yo Soy De Peru” (which he wrote at a young age) and “Mi Rumba” with Manolito Rodriguez on the conga solo & Dany Sanchez on timbal. His two vocalists Randy Feejoo and Dante Mejia do a fine job on this debut as a salsero for Carlo Rodriguez.