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Edwin El Calvito Reyes “Quiero Bailar Con Ella”

Quiero Bailar Con Ella- Arti Design.jpgEl Calvito Reyes is Undoubtedly, one of the most influential personalities of today’s worldwide Salsa scene. Edwin Reyes “El Calvito” has always been a pillar of motivation for each of the Latin celebrations inside or outside the United States Army, and even more with his unparalleled passion for music, his roots and his people. Born and raised in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico, and graduated with studies in Tele-Communication at the University of the Sacred Heart of P.R. music has always been his passion.

In 2011, “El Calvito” became the Official Vocalist of Salsa Legend, Larry Harlow, performing in Five Concerts with the legend. He has been performing SALSA MUSIC Worldwide, for over 22 years, to include over 50 shows in Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan Kyrgyzstan, and Turkey, and South Korea, to include at the Seoul Olympics Stadium, making him a modern day pioneer within many Salseros of LA SANGRE NUEVA DE LA SALSA who has brought Salsa to other foreign countries.

Later he became the Officer in Charge of the 1st ever Latin Music Orchestra of the U.S. Army, named the US ARMY LATIN ENSEMBLE. These unparalleled Achievements, earned him a direct visit to the Pentagon, where he was recognized by the Army Chief of Staff, performed for Former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

Now, with three Super hits in a row, (Mi Ritmo se llama ZALSA, Soneros de Sangre Nueva, and Tocale La Moña), now he releases another hit, called QUIERO BAILAR CON ELLA, Hoping to reach out to a fresher crowd…

With many recommendations from Salsa Legends and colleagues, EL CALVITO Reyes is beyond ready to bring you his Salsa Spectacle to a city near you…

He’s truly known for his contributions to Latin music from the Armed Forces and keeping Soldiers’ Moral at its highest through the rhythms of Salsa; Never leaving behind its origin, nor its vision.

Available on iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Deezer, Amazon, Google Play…

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