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Mirame Music is pleased to announce another Salsa single by Danny Presz, “Un Nuevo Amor” (A New Love).

“Un Nuevo Amor” (Un Nuovo Amore) is a beautiful ballad recorded by Italian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti in 1986. Danny Presz transforms this pop ballad into a subtle yet seductive Salsa version with a 4-trombone arrangement.

Danny uses his smooth voice and superior interpretive talent to talk about dreaming of having “a new love.” The underlying message of the song is to feel the warmth of one’s body as one kisses a “new love” for the first time.  Wandering aimlessly in the rain, the singer thinks about how life will become with this “new love.”

The music and words take the listener from a Doo-Wop like introduction to a calm, jazzy section featuring voice and piano. A more danceable tempo heralds the end of the piece. The melody composed by Eros Ramazzotti is sure to please both hopeless romantics and eager dancers alike.

“Un Nuevo Amor” features several well-known musicians from Venezuela, including Irving Manuel, Marcial Isturiz, Gonzalo Martinez and Wilmer Herrera. Irving Manuel, a multi-talented musician and composer, was the creative force behind the arrangement.  Manuel has worked with a number of artists in the past, including Oscar D’Leon, Porfi Baloa, Pedro Arroyo, Tito Nieves and Tony Vega, among others.

Download “Un Nuevo Amor” on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and CDBaby.

A full-production CD will be released in 2020.