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DANILO & CHAPIS “La Cumbia del Zumbido”

Available on all digital platforms!

Danilo & Chapis present their new single “La Cumbia Del Zumbido”, a song that explains in a very funny way how bees work as a team. An entertaining and very easy way to teach children that working together with others is positive and fun. Also, to add to this important message, the rhythm and movements of cumbia teaches children the concepts of up, down, forward, back and each side, to the rhythm of the buzzing of these funny insects. “La Cumbia Del Zumbido” was written by the same composers of the iconic “El Baile del Sapito” and is part of the most recent album by Danilo & Chapis, “Vamos al Zoo”, that also includes “Msituni La Jirafa”, which has been quite a success on audio and video platforms exceeding 2 million views on YouTube.

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