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CHAE is an international multi-genre Singer-Songwriter recording Afro-Colombian       artist, and Cultural Activist who is a musical force of nature. CHAE creates original, lyrically intelligent, socially conscious, cultural and women empowering music. Her unique talents of combining musical styles have practically created a new genre she calls AfroTropicRock.  CHAE’s distinctive sound is produced by combining today’s contemporary rhythms with her native Afro-Latin Caribbean roots. This compelling new Artist presents us her most recent single a Tribal House Dance track titled “My name is CHAE”, which is a rebellious statement against the denigrating name calling that the Afro-Colombians have to endure due to their color and race and as part of her activism to elevate the black Colombians presence in the world. “My Name is CHAE” is gaining in popularity and was recently played at the GLOBAL FEST held at the legendary Club Copacabana in New York City, as well as getting airplay on several radio stations. CHAE does not rest with success, thus she followed up this hit by releasing: “COLOMBIANOS” a Latin/ Urban cumbia, which is a Colombian Pride Anthem describing the cultural expressions towards Colombians in general and their typical customs, followed by “BUMANGE”, a soukous track celebrating racial harmony between Blacks and Whites, “THE JUNGLE” a classic dance/House mix which talks about her experiences of living in the jungle of Tutunendo, Choco in her home country along with her family, and lastly her thrilling and catchy track titled “SPEAK UP” a brave and powerful expression to create awareness for the rights and the social justice of Black Colombians. These singles are part of her upcoming Album “COLOMBIANOS” to be released this year 2019. The year of CHAE has already started. This is just the tip of the iceberg. CHAE has a vast Reservoir of material yet to be recorded.

CHAE first became popular on the Northern coast of Colombia as a former member and creative force behind the dynamic sister duo Las Perlas Negras (The Black PearlsThis sister duet released 5 Albums with songs composed and produced by CHAE under their own Perlas Negras publishing company. Songs such as: “Punta Caribe” “Hombres no Hay”,”Carnaval” “Negro Candela” “Navegando”, “Aracatumba” “Soca dance”, Llueve”, “Corazon Poeta”, among others, are a mix of Tropical, Salsa, & Afro-pop sounds, which became the favorites of Las Perlas Negras’s fans. Leaving the sister duo, CHAE transformed herself as a Solo Artist composing, producing, recording and performing effortlessly the popular genres of Latin rock, pop, soul, funk, folk, jazz, house, Afro-beats, and Christian. She has also released a popular track in the American Rock style titled “Freedom” which talks about her struggles growing up as an Afro-Colombian. The “Freedom” official music video was filmed live at Blue Skull studio in Harlem New York and showcases her mastery of the acoustic-electric guitar along with her distinctive image and unparalleled beauty.) . As part of that duo, she traveled throughout the Americas and Europe winning National Awards and gaining international recognition in the world of entertainment.

      CHAE sets the stage on fire (as her social media namesake suggest CHAEONFIRE) wherever she performs. She is a fan favorite at many of the popular venues in NYC area such as Cafe Wha, Sidewalk Cafe, the Zinc bar, Paddy Reilly’s music bar, the Shrine, Farafina, Silvana & Leftfield among others. CHAE has also appeared at the Empire State Music & Arts Festival in Brooklyn and at the International Anthem Music Festival in new York City in which she won as best artist and was chosen to represent New York in a regional music competition. This artist continuous mission as a Cultural Activist is to advance the visibility and awareness to mainstream culture of the existence of Afrocolombians and all people of Afro-Latin descend. In her progression as an activist, CHAE was recently elected to serve as a Cultural Consultant for Colombia by the New York City African Chorus ensemble (NYCACE) which led her to participate at the 9th Annual NYCMulticultural Festival in 2018. The audience was mesmerized by her daring and compelling performance with her rebellious song “My name is CHAE”. Subsequently, CHAE was invited by the  Colombian Consulate of New York City to perform at the ColombiaFest 2018 held at the Penn Plaza Pavillion which displayed her remarkable performance showcasing the cultural significance of the Afro Colombians and captivating the audience with her rhythmical dances, explosive lyrics, and strong voice. CHAE culminated a successful year performing in collaboration with her band members Yancy Drew Lambert (drums), Al Wells (bass), Pablo Azcurrain (congas), & Ancil Cox (keyboards) at the GATHERING XIII concert for the community of Harlem.

       CHAE has often been compared to such legendary icons such as Grace Jones, Nina Simone, Celia Cruz, Melissa Etheridge, Miriam Makeba, Tracy Chapman, India Arie, and Tina Turner. While she humbly and graciously accepts these comparisons, it’s hard to find an artist that can match CHAE’s mastery of creating trans-genre music, to write, compose, and produce original sounds in several languages, not to mention her distinctive Soulful Voice, beauty & style. Her music positively effects those who are lucky enough to listen. As a #METOO survivor, CHAE has a dramatic, yet inspiring story to tell about growing up in the jungles of Colombia experiencing poverty, racism, hunger, physical and sexual abuse. Despite those odds, her dream of coming to America and becoming an international recording artist was not hampered. As a little girl sitting on the roof of her Colombian home, those perilous experiences gave her the spark to write the songs that would eventually lead her to become the successful Singer-Songwriter & Cultural Activist she is today. CHAE’s main purpose it’s not only to entertain, but to reinforce her calling, which is that through her artistry she will continue to educate the masses on the existence, the plight, the culture, the talent, the influence, the beauty, the Music of Afro-Colombians and all people of the African diaspora.

As she states: “My mission in life is Transcending the Universe with the power of Music, Words. Color & Artistry to Enlighten the World.”


 CHAE is often called “Fuego” (fire) because of her energetic performances on stage but it is the fire in her heart that drives her to create change through her music from a chaotic world into a planet of unity, humanity, and tranquility.

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