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Dive into the festive spirit of Christmas with NEON16’s latest release, “A NEON Christmas” combining artists, Latin cultures, and timeless Christmas classics. “A NEON Christmas”came from my idea of wanting to reimagine Christmas music, doing it in a different way that represents our culture. It gives us the opportunity as a company to reimagine the visuals, the presentation, the marketing of how we would look at Christmas” – says Lex Borrero. Fans worldwide will be able to enjoy not only the familiar songs they cherish annually but also new, original Christmas tracks from exciting contemporary artists like ALEX PONCE (Ecuador), NASHY- NASHAI (Argentina), RMAND (Dominican Republic), and WANDA ORIGINAL (Argentina)—a new festive musical experience for everybody to enjoy.

“La última navidad” features pop beats, ethereal synthesizers, and beautifully layered harmonies in a refreshed version of this timeless classic, which showcases Ponce’s vocal prowess and will have everybody singing.  “Gracias Navidad” is a heartfelt song, a tribute to gratitude, homecoming, and the cherished moments that define the holiday season:  

“Quiero decirle a la navidad: Gracias por acercarme más a las personas que amo y que una noche al año pueda regresar a donde fui y sigo siendo feliz” (I want to tell Christmas: Thank you for bringing me closer to the people I love and that one night a year I can go back to where I was and still am happy.) – Sings Alex as a reminder of what matters the most during this time of the year.

One of the newest signees of NEON16, the Buenos Aires native NASHY- NASHAI,  who found a great launching point for her career with the Netflix series La Firma, brings “Mi único deseo,” the perfect song for those seeking renewal and a fresh start in 2024.  Her powerful and versatile voice shines through in this enchanting track.  As a talented lyricist, NASHY-NASHAI knows how to infuse her voice, lyrics, and songs with passion and purpose. “Mi único deseo” is a burst of positive energy with a melody that resonates with those seeking renewal and a fresh start in 2024.

RMAND’s festive anthem, “Está brillando la ciudad ” is an embrace of Christmas joy.  It speaks of the simple things that make us happy at Christmas, like “encender el arbolito” (turn on the tree) or enjoy the “Sancochito.”  Let the city lights shine as RMAND’s spirited lyrics evoke the essence of Christmas and dance away the holiday with pure Dominican flavor in a merengue celebration that lasts until Christmas is over.

Closing the album with flair, WANDA ORIGINAL presents “Tu Sonrisa.” Smooth and sparkly vocals, danceable vibes, cool rhythms, and textures make this song the perfect Christmas soundtrack. “Tu sonrisa es lo que más me enamora,” sings Wanda, delivering rhymes with an unmistakable flow and lighting up the Christmas season with some Argentinian magic.

As part of the NEON16 Christmas Campaign, the Miami-based record label is hosting “16 days of Christmas” on their social media platforms. Each day, NEON16 followers and fans can expect to receive unique gifts. Moreover, featured artists are giving back to their local communities in meaningful ways, such as organizing toy drives or providing food to the homeless. Through their acts of generosity, NEON16 artists are spreading joy beyond their music.

Experience the magic of Christmas like never before with “A NEON Christmas” by NEON16. A project where LatinX worldwide will connect and make their families enjoy this new wave of renewed Christmas music.


Introducing the extraordinary Alex Ponce, a remarkable Latin artist and producer who, at the young age of 24, has taken the music industry by storm, being regarded as the #1 artist in Ecuador and is the first Ecuadorian artist to make it onto Spotify’s global charts. With an awe-inspiring level of self-taught talent, Alex Ponce’s mastery over seven instruments showcases his exceptional skills as a songwriter and composer.  His unique musical creations blend Latin and pop styles effortlessly, establishing him as an unstoppable force in the industry. Already making waves, Alex Ponce’s debut album has surpassed an impressive milestone of 52.2M+ streams on Spotify, propelling him to the pinnacle of the charts and capturing the attention of millions of listeners worldwide.

Prepare to be captivated by the magnetic artistry of Alex Ponce as he continues to push boundaries and redefine the musical landscape on a global scale.


RMAND is a Dominican singer, songwriter, and producer. Recently placed as runner-up on Netflix’s “La Firma,” RMAND was put on the map and started to capture new audiences, entering Spotify’s Viral Top 50 charts with multiple tracks. The show unlocked his access, leading him to write for some of the most talented artists in the industry, including Zion y Lennox and Cardi B. At 9, he began to get into music as a hobby, thanks to his grandfather, who showed him the art of playing the guitar and singing. This encouraged RMAND to follow in his footsteps, learning in a self-taught way.

By age ten, he had already written over a dozen songs. To this day, hundreds of songs have led him to develop his sound. RMAND brings a romantic, ambient, unique style based on R&B, Reggaeton, Caribbean, and American trap. He realized his main objective was to innovate, captivate, and impress new generations with his voice and original style.


Nashy- Nashai, the young Argentinian singer, rapper, and winner of the first Latin music series on Netflix, “La Firma,” is dedicated to music and acting. Her flow navigates through whirling R&B melodies and fiery rap bars, and her personality shined through early in the series. As one of the newest signees of Tainy and Lex Borrero’s Neon16 label, Nashy-Nashai continues to showcase her talent. Having co-written and co-produced with talents such as Elena Rose and Albert Hype. She has participated in important campaigns such as “Rap Digital 2023” for UNICEF Argentina as an ambassador against bullying and “NFL Shop Spots” with the National Football League.


Wanda, better known as Wanda Original, is one of Argentina’s up-and-coming artists. Wanda was one of the three finalists on Netflix’s first Latin-music competition series, “La Firma.” Her unique female rap, dynamic voice, and confident attitude on stage captivated the audience. Wanda writes and composes her music, making her a musical inspiration. As one of this year’s up-and-coming artists, Wanda’s future in the music industry is undeniably promising as she is fueled with creativity, inspiration, and goals to fulfill


NEON16 is a diversified entertainment media company founded by industry veteran Lex Borrero and famed producer and artist Tainy, the mastermind behind some of music’s most iconic hits and three-time GRAMMY© nominee, five-time Latin GRAMMY© and multiple BMI Award Winner.

NEON16 is considered the leading curator of culture in the Latin media space, voted the #1 Most Innovative Music Company by Fast Company.

Uniquely positioned at the intersection of music, culture, and entertainment, NEON16 amplifies the vibrant sounds of global music, bridging cultural gaps by striving to create a dynamic platform showcasing talent’s rich diversity.

NEON16 pushes the boundaries of creativity and musical expression while fostering an inclusive and innovative environment where talent thrives. Through collaborative efforts and a deep appreciation for cultural exchange, we create cultural capital that operates in a currency aiming to cultivate a global community that celebrates the power of music and its ability to unite and inspire.

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RMAND – esta brillando la ciudad

Alex Ponce – gracias navidad

Nashy-Nashai – Mi Unico Deseo

Wanda – Tu Sonrisa

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