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Carlos Xavier “Vive Todo Ahora”


A Bay Area vocalist, raised in the Salsa music scene, has been singing in nightclubs for over twenty years. He draws influence from the music of his upbringing; urban hip-hop, R&B, and rock, and combines them with the affluent Latin rhythms. His roots in the Latin power vocal style produce warm, beautiful tones as he exhales his melodies. Carlos Xavier is his name and singing is his game!

Carlos engages his audience with his pure, passionate vocals. Backed by his band and his years of musical experience Carlos is able rise up and shine. His music has taken his groups all over the world. He has played with Los Mocosos at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival in Australia as well as throughout the Caribbean as a cruise ship entertainer. Carlos has toured throughout the United States as well as Canada. When not on the road Carlos can be heard throughout nightclubs weekly.

The past years have served to educate and develop Carlos’ talent as he currently heads his solo career. The result is outstanding musicianship and a fully developed, unique sound. His sound is very identifiable to the Latin American community as it draws from Latin Balada roots and meshes them with the rock and pop. His melodies are expressed through his passionate lyrics and his desire reach people’s souls. The music world eagerly awaits the new sound of Carlos Xavier.

Carlos Xavier fused his original songs with a New York salsa producer and East coast musicians, to create a unique style of salsa putting it in a league of its own. This salsa album ranges from R&B, Rock, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Blues, Vallenato to Latin Pop all within the rules of salsa. An album for all types of listeners to enjoy. I made an album to make you dance, laugh, sing, cry and simply to enjoy listening to. A must for DJ’s and salsa music lovers.

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