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Capicu x Opera Steve “Mi Bandera”


Steven “Opera Steve” Santiago is the classically trained Bronx native whose tenor vocals morphed the words “Killa” and “Cam” into a supremely addictive chorus that borders on the mystical also worked with Big Pun,FatJoe and Juelz Santana to name a few.Opera Steve had the voice and pedigree to earn prestigious scholarships and perform throughout Italy.

“Capicu” Born in Brooklyn New York and raised in the Bronx and Puerto Rico. Grew up in Los Angeles throughout his grade school years. Bronx native Capicu is a multi-genre artist with hits under his belt. From his hit single in the movie Take The Lead – “Para La Calle” to his current smash hit “Always Stay Up, Capicu is redefining the state of urban spanglish music.

Capicu & Opera Steve recently teamed  to put out a project together.They recently released a single called “MI BANDERA”   a song that will bring that Latin community together with both english and spanish lyrics.They will be releasing a second single soon and continue to finish there album.