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Benny Gonzalez Ft Margie G – Solo Dime

Benny G was born June 17, 1981… As a child he grew up revolving around freestyle music back in the early 80’s. It was no mistake that it was a path to be driven. Having family members as DJs and Artist in his circle was an inspiration for him to follow. He was raised in the small town of Holyoke Massachusetts where he got his start.

In 2008 He produced his first song titled Una Flor in dedication for his mother that passed away of cancer in 2007. He performed in a local tournament named Springfield’s Future Rising Star. This tournament was Hosted by Artistik Recording Artist Freeze. Benny came in 2nd place in this competition following after he began performing in clubs as an opening act for well known artists in 2010. He performed many events in New York 2013 and 2014.

Benny has recorded many songs such as Eres Tu, The World Needs To Know and has recorded many Freestyle Songs.

He’s also hired Producer Artie Rodriguez of Artie Productions recording The song I Should Have Known that was featured on the Collaboration album called In A Class Of Our Own Vol 3 Class Menagerie. And a reboot to the song Una Flor. Benny is also a co-host along with other Men on a show called Men Talk Therapy Produced and Hosted by Marcela Olivar Owner of Powerhouse Bombshells Cafe Con Leche.

He went on to continue to other horizons and entered the genre of Bachata. Meeting Pop Bachata Artist Domenic Marte. Benny hired him for a production Album to combine both formulas of Bachata and Freestyle. For which the Song Princesa Latina landed at #1 on the Nielsen BDS Radio Tropical Charts, MediaBase as well as Nielsen Billboard Charts at #17. And several songs including Madre, I Should’ve Known, that hit #1 on BDS Radio and MediaBase. More to come from this talented artist stay tune!

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