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Ana Sánchez’s New Book, “Fables Of The Universe”, Brings Readers Stories With A Central Theme Of Human Values

Ana Sánchez was born in Cuba, on April 20, 1975. She left the isle of Cuba in 2005, to follow the American dream, looking for better life opportunities for her and her family. Since then, she has had to face the reality of a country that gave her the opportunity to make her dreams come true. This is her first work and is directed towards children and adults that wish to teach their children essential values.

As a Spanish speaker, her goal is to rescue the Hispanic heritage, promoting reading among children.

After 14 years of living in the United States of America, Ana has found her life’s purpose, to bring joy to children through her writing.

“Fables of the Universe” is a compendium of stories directed towards children of any age. This book’s original idea was born after the author wrote a theater play with the sole purpose of raising funds to help children that live in countries like Venezuela, Guatemala and Perú. That’s how “Recycling Dreams” was born and also how the rest of the stories in this book were born. Values like love, equality, and generosity encourage our author to get inside the children’s imagination. Every story has a message and a lesson for children.

Ana shares, “We live in a wonderful universe full of fantastic creatures. This wonderful universe reminds us every moment that, when we don’t take good care of everything that surround us, nature can show us pain, and we don’t want that; do we? All of us want a happy universe, where peace and love reign in every corner. Well, enjoy this universe of colors created just for you! Dear children, thank you for being the most beautiful creatures in our universe!”

Published by New York City based Page Publishing, Ana Sánchez’s wonderful book “Fables of the Universe”, provides us with a wonderful vie of how the universe is seen by children and leave us with a lot of lessons to make this word a better place.

Readers who wish to experience this sublime work can purchase “Fables of the Universe” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.