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Alicia C debuts with ‘Cada Parte De Mi’ EP

Available on all digital platforms!

Alicia C is a recording artist originally from Eagle Pass, Texas A & M International University alumni, now living in San Antonio TX.

Her music is a direct reflection of her growing up in a multi-faceted cultural environment : a Mexican-American, Puerto-Rican, a Tejana ‘sin fronteras’ or ‘fluid’ culture.

She grew up on the Texas border where music is culturally, cross-pollinated.  Her sounds are influenced by her parent’s own musical talent including sounds of cumbia, tropical, conjunto, norteño and traditional mariachi. 

She proudly identifies as a Texirican.

Alicia C is a role model for youth, preaching authenticity, individuality and self-love. Her mission in music is to use her musical gift to reintroduce traditional mariachi vocals to younger generations, blend those sounds with new flavor and beats, while exploring her own self-identity.

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