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William Melendez Presents Boogaloo Baby by Nelson Rodriguez

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There is nothing better than to hear new exciting music by both old and new upcoming musicians but even better when concept projects come by my desk. “William Melendez Presents Boogaloo Baby” is one such project that surfaces at a time when the Boogaloo is making waves all over the world. In the 90’s Sonora Carruseles made the name Boogaloo popular again but they took the 60 classics and made them electric fast for dancers which was the trend of the moment with dancers coming out of Colombia. It did not properly represent what the Boogaloo was. Several acts have done so in the past decade and this track “Boogaloo Baby” sinks its teeth into what the true Boogaloo (Soul Latino) of the 60’s was like but with a modern sound. Kudos to William Melendez, who was a member of the 60’s band that recorded this tune, Orchestra Kool, for the Fonseca label along with arranger/producer Roberto Navarro (popular Hall of Famer who made a name for himself in New York especially with Grupo Fascinacion) that put together the right band to execute the sound they needed to make this one of the first hits of 2018. Let’s not forget vocalist Julian Lucas who does a superb job on the track. I also loved the liner notes by Orchestra Kool bassist Ronald Van Cooten on how Kool became part of our musical history. If you want to experience what the sound of the mid to late 60’s was like in New York look no further. Let’s Boogaloo Baby!

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