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VibraSÓN “Llegó VibraSÓN! The Remixes”


In a special collaboration between VibraSÓN and Latin rapper Deuce Eclipse, this EP Llegó VibraSÓN, The Remixes brings a unique sound, melding two genres of music for a new slant on both.

It was during the production of VibraSÓN’s debut CD Llegó VibraSÓN (2019) that the band crossed paths with Deuce Eclipse, introduced by producer Greg Landau as a perfect match for a fresh new rap featured in Jake Jacobs’ arrangement of Englishman in New York with current events in mind. The rapport between Deuce and VibraSÓN developed rapidly, with the rapper performing at both of the band’s CD Release parties in December 2019.

Llegó VibraSÓN, The Remixes brings back two of the songs from the original release with an expanded role for Deuce, resulting in a blending of salsa and rap that has never been fully achieved in the past. Deuce raps make up the heart of the title track Llegó VibraSÓN Remix, as well as the kitsch-y Latin Vibe Tuesdays Remix. The result is refreshing and stimulating, and pushes boundaries.
The third track on the EP is the band’s rendition of cover Fragile, but with all lyrics in Spanish this time, to capture the hearts of Spanish speakers in a way that the original could not.

VibraSÓN brings classic salsa from a special era of the 1960s while adding a contemporary feel to the sound. The smoothness of the vibraphone embraces the intimacy of a compact group that connects with its surroundings in clubs, with audience and dancers practically on the stage.

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