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VibraSÓN New Single”La Salsa Buena” available on all digital platforms for streaming on Sept.22, 2021

A new hit single by VibraSÓN, welcoming back the dancers and music lovers after (hopefully) the pandemic!

La Salsa Buena was composed and arranged by the band’s leader Jake Jacobs as a way of celebrating the energy and beauty of salsa music and dancing, and it is being released as a “Welcome Back” to all the dancing and music fans of the band. The song was co-produced by Jake Jacobs and Santana Band percussionist Karl Perazzo, who performs the timbale, conga tracks along with hand percussion. Dan Neville plays vibes. Band veterans Marco Diaz and Saul Sierra play piano, bass respectively. Luis Morales wrote lyrics and performs the lead vocals. Bay area stars Christelle Durandy, Armando Cordoba, and Braulio Barrera sing coros. The song’s arrangement uses some unique instrumentation, and a funky mambo line to get dancers and audiences up on their feet.

VibraSÓN’s music respects and honors the old -classic salsa from the Boogaloo era of the 1960s- while adding a contemporary feel to the sound, with dancers in mind. The vibraphone-centric format echoes the sounds of an era of Latin Music where big bands gave way to smaller and hipper club-sized ensembles. The smoothness of the vibraphone embraces the intimacy of a compact group that connects with its surroundings in clubs with dancers practically on top of the stage. Swing is king in these settings, and VibraSÓN glorifies the tightness of a band made up of percussion instruments, adding the vocal character of modern songs.

Like all musical bands, VibraSON was isolated and unable to play any live shows during the pandemic of 2020. But in this technological age, they remained closely in touch and able to collaborate to produce several releases, including Live recordings from their previous Latin Vibe Tuesdays events and remixes of 3 songs from their debut CD. Our hearts go out to all people affected by the pandemic.

Luis Morales: lead vocals
Marco Diaz: piano
Saul Sierra: bass
Jake Jacobs: bongo/campana
Special Guests
Karl Perazzo: timbale, conga, guiro, maracas
Dan Neville: vibraphone
Christelle Durandy: coro vocals
Armando Cordoba: coro vocals
Braulio Barrera : coro vocals

Composer: Jake Jacobs
Publisher: TenTakeJake Publishing
Producers: Jake Jacobs and Karl Perazzo
Studio Engineers: Jake Jacobs, Armando Cordoba, Marco Diaz
Mixing Engineer: Armando Cordoba, Dobasounds Studios
Mastering Engineer: Carlos Silva, C1 Mastering
Album Art: Jake Jacobs

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