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Trinity Key “Blinded”


At the young age of 16, Trinity Key displays an extraordinary maturity and uniqueness in her voice, creativity, and career goals. Her creativity started very early, as her mother recalls trying to settle down her impatient 3 year old, but young Trinity replied, “I can’t mom! I’ve got music in my head.” When Trinity was 6 years old, she would sing to her mother while her mother was ill on her hospital bed, who in turn felt comfort to her severe physical pain with the soothing voice of her baby. It was then that Trinity realized that she could bring peace and comfort to others with her talent, and she even recalls feeling an overwhelming joy and peace when she learned her voice had this healing potential. She set out to always seek that inner peace herself and also gift it to others through her music. Since then her passion for music grew tremendously, giving in to every impulse to sing. She would find any way she could to improvise a musical beat (even on an empty plastic bottle), and sing what she had in her heart. She started singing lessons in the 3rd grade, and since then has advanced to join community organizations such as the Brea Olinda Show Choir and the Advanced Women’s Show Choir Spellbound, which has successfully helped her develop her beautiful voice and stage presence. In 2015 Trinity started working in studio with the OC Hit Factory (Sony Music), recording several cover songs, which are now available through her Youtube channel. She also participated in the writing of the song, Done With You by the award winning, Melissa Lauren. Her work in this co-writing project earned her the opportunity to walk the red carpet at the Sony Showcase. Trinity’s music influences have been the talent, determination, and passion of Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, from the show Glee, though she attributes her talent and courage mainly to God. When asked about her motivation and future goals, Trinity expressed her objective is not to seek advantage for herself, but rather change individual lives and the world with her music. She wishes to have the same effect it did for her ailing mother, and this is what will make her hard work truly fulfiling for her. In mid-2016, Trinity became a signed artist with the Scottsdale, AZ based, Tambora Records International and is currently working on her first original single, which is expected to debut by the Fall of 2016.

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