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Tony Swing Ft Oro Solido X Miosotis – Vamos Pa La Fiesta

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Juan Antonio Morales, otherwise known as “Tony Swing”, was born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, of Dominican parents. He arrived in New York at the age of 3 and was raised in Washington Heights. As a young child, this great artist showed a tremendous interest in music. At the age of 10, he became a disc jockey. By the age of 15, he began doing it at a much professional level, which allowed him to get into the New York nightclub scene. As the public embraced this young man’s potential, Tony realized that he had enough talent to go further in his career at which time he realized he loved and had the ability to sing.

In 1986, he auditioned and became part of a band called Luis Almonte. For two years, he gave his all to this band using his youth and energy. As he continued to explore and use his talents, Tony continued on as a backup singer and joined the group of Musiquito during the years of 1988-1989.

In 1990, he became part of a group known as Joseph Poite for one year, still amusing and capturing the hearts of the public.

In 1991, Tony took a very important step in his artistic career by joining the internationally known group called: The New York Band. This band was the most well-known and exhilarating music group of the 1990s. And he performed brilliantly with The New York Band for over four years. He recorded well known songs like EL Cartero ”Pelotero la bola”, which is one of many. He also made a couple of appearances in Madison Square Garden in New York, and traveled throughout Europe and Latin America. His artistic career, as a result, took a big leap and many doors were opened to this young eager artist. Tony amazed and caught the attention of Pochy y su Cocoband with his talent and energy. As a result, Tony became part of this group Cocoband in 1995. He presented himself twice in the Madison Square Garden with this group, as well as in other well-known places doing what he loved best.

In 1996, he joined the band known as Oro Solido, which also became a very important part in his career. At this time, the group was in its prime catching the attention of the public and becoming very well known in New York.

In 1997, Pochy y su Cocoband decided to form a new look for his group, looking for someone with a lot of energy and compassion for his work, making Tony leader and in charge of the new members in the frontline of the group. Tony was also placed in charge of the choreography.

In 1998, Raul Acosta owner of Oro Solido gave Tony a call to form part, one more time, of this group. This gave him two more opportunities to perform at the Madison Square Garden.

In 1999, Tony formed part of a group called La Banda Loca giving the public more of what they want to see on stage, energy and excitement. At this time he prepared to show the public his capacity as a soloist.
In 2000, Tony advanced in his career and released his first album as a soloist. His debut was a success on the stage of The Manhattan Center of New York, with invited guests like the late, Tito Puente, Milly Quezada, Sergio Vargas, Jose Alberto “El Canario”, and Tony Vega. This concert was released to the public by Showtime. Taking advantage of his talent, Tony begins to film movies like, “Boricuas Bond”, with artists like Frankie Negron, Method Man, Big Pun, as well as others. Tony also participated as an extra in the movie, “The Siege” with actors like Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington. Tony also produced, owned and managed the group known as Malkriados.
In 2016 he re-united with his colleagues from The New York Band, and each received the most prestigious award the Dominican Republic gives Artists called, EL SOBERANO. And as of 2020 is once again hitting the entertainment world by storm with new singles, WASTED and CUANDO as well as a single he wrote himself called Pa’ La Fiesta Featuring, MIOSOTIS La Cantante and Oro Solido’s Raul Acosta. Stay tuned. There’s More Tony Swing to come!

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