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Stop The Hate and Vote

DEL Records Joins Advocacy Groups in

National Youth Voter Mobilization Campaign:

“Stop The Hate and Vote”

Campaign Aims to Engage and Register Latino Millennials in Key States Across the U.S.
Los Angeles, May 12,  2016-   Today, DEL Records joins leading national and local organizations in launching the “Shut Up The Haters and Vote” campaign to encourage eligible high school students to shut up the haters with their pledge to vote. We are recording artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs. We are primos, brothers, and familia.  We are a community that is more united than ever before and ready to strike back and shut the haters down.

Everyday nearly 12,000 young Americans turn 18, making millennials the largest age group in the country.  Together with iAmerica, Mi Familia Vota, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Entravision Communications, and Chicago Votes, DEL Records engaged eligible young voters on the airwaves and through a major social media campaign. Community groups registered Latino and AAPI students in nearly 16 high schools across 8 key states.

To see a complete list participating high schools, visit

“Latino millennials make up for nearly half of the record 27.3 million Latinos eligible to vote in 2016.  We have the political power to silence the haters but only if we get out and vote.  Let’s flex our political muscle this November and show these haters who’s boss.”

I encourage my fans to join me, register to vote and meet me in the polls this November,” states Latin Grammy nominee, Regulo Caro.

The “Stop the Hate and Vote” campaign registered young voters in Florida, Nevada, Colorado, California, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona and Texas.