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Spanish Harlem Orchestra 2018 “Anniversary” by Nelson Rodriguez

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Anytime you think about the great bands of the past what stands out is the deep-rooted members of that band who went on to ‘Hall of Fame’ status.

Celebrating its 15th anniversary Spanish Harlem Orchestra is one of todays finest examples, if not the #1 example, of that deep-rooted orchestra that swings with the best of the old and the new. Years from now we’ll look at SHO as one of the pioneers of this era for the new generation. Oscar Hernandez, George Delgado, Doug Beavers, Mitch Frohman, Luisito Quintero, Marco Bermudez, Noah Bless & Jorge Gonzalez are already ‘Hall of Famers’ while Carlos Cascante, Jerry Madera, ‘Maneco’ Ruiz. Hector Colon and the newest member Jeremy Bosch have all the promise of being stars.

They are ‘Salsa dura’ that’s uninhibited with passion and winners of two Grammy’s with this new release, “Anniversary”, as a strong contender for a third Grammy win.

Led by pianist, arranger, composer Oscar Hernandez, SHO is poised to generate many hits from this excellent CD starting with the lead single “La Media Vuelta” (a classic from Alfredo Jimenez) along with “Esa Nena”, “Guaracha y Bembe”, “Goaz El Ritmo”, “Yo Te Prometo”, “Soy El tambor” and  the Latin Jazz instrumental “Somos Uno” featuring guest Jazz trumpeter Randy Brecker.

With this CD SHO will be exposing an entire world to the sounds of El Barrio well into 2019.