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Orquesta Antonetti “Pa Rato”


As if it were necessary to be restated, Antonetti Orchestra’s latest work is entitled “Antonetti Pa’ Rato”, referring to this musically talented family expression. This affinity for music dates back to bandleader Victor Antonetti’s great-grandfather who died the same day Victor was born as if to signify the passing of the musical torch; he was purported to be an avid accordion player whose love for music was only equaled by his respect and devotion for Bacchus the Greek god of spirits and wines.

Antonetti Pa’ Rato”, the fifth production of the orchestra, is colored with arrangements by heavy hitters of the salsa genre like Bobby Valentin, Efrain “Junito” Davila, Nino Segarra, JR Rivera and Tommy Villariny. It also includes guest appearances by vocalists Osvaldo Román, Marlon Fernández and Frankie Vázquez in addition to the orchestra’s lead singers Juancito Betancourt, Georgie Colón and newcomer Juan “Bevin” Núnez.

“Antonetti Pa’ Rato” is a rich in sound, well-crafted combination of smooth and heavy salsa tunes that invite to the dancing floor. Present is the big band sound of “Babarabatiri and Changó ‘ta vení” exquisitely arranged, as are “Controladora”, “Estrellita” and the explosive “Somos Antonetti. All in all, there is no waste in this cd.

The Antonetti long term presence in the Latino music scene is already guaranteed by Victor’s brood; Alex plays alto and baritone saxophones, Jayslyn plays trombone and Isabella is already letting herself be felt in the local music scene with her vocal abilities. Other musically active young members of the Antonetti clan are Nayana who plays conga and Daniela who plays the trumpet. Indeed, hay “Antonetti Pa’ Rato.”

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