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Nestor Pacheco- Abriendo Caminos y mas by Nelson Rodriguez


Veteran Venezuela percussionist Nestor Pacheco has been extremely busy this past decade producing and recording including his father’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2011 that resulted in a 2-CD set with a who’s who of the best talent of musicians in Venezuela (Cesar Monjes, Rodrigo Mendoza, Cheo Navarro, Pibo Marquez, Raul Agraz, Wladimir Lozano, Cheo Valenzuela, Erick Franchesky, Wilmer Lozano, Gerardo Rosales, Joseito Rodriguez, Alejandro Perez Palma, Julio Antillano and many more). His father Elio Pacheco was a founding member of Dimension Latina.

Without a doubt Nestor is one of the busiest artists today and now he has turned his talents to himself as he is the lead vocalist on his latest production, “Abriendo Caminos”. The project is a mix of Salsa romantica and Salsa dura with a very commercial flair to it.
The favorites here are going to be “Que Ternura”, “Esa Mujer”, “La Mujer Que Amamba”, “Pasado Pasado”, “Viejo Bochinchero “and the aggressive “Mi Cali Salsero”.


You see many times sons and daughters of famous artists do well and some not well. The Lebron Brothers have left a legacy in the Mambo Lebron Orchestra who continue to create some fascinating music a single at a time. “Las Piedras Cantan” is their latest, featuring Luis Rosa, as a tribute to Pablo Lebron who sang this same Angel Lebron composition back in 1977 released on the LP “10th Anniversary”.

Pablo Lebron was Mambo’s uncle and godfather and an inspiration that has Mambo leading today a hot 14-piece band. More importantly the lyrics have more significant meaning in the wake of all that happened last year than it did in 77.