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Nairoby “Dime”


Nairoby Duarte, native of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was born into a musical family.  Her musician father took her under his wing, and encouraged her to develop her talent.  By age 11, she was lead singer in her church choir.

Nairoby is a first-call performer of jingles and her voice is prominent on radio and TV.  She has aso performed with icons of Dominican music, including Pavel Nuñez, Maridalia Hernández, Frank Ceara and many others – as well as Puerto Rican singer Danny Rivera.

For the past few years, Nairoby has been lead vocalist for the fusion band, Retro Jazz, as group produced and directed by musician of note, Pengbian Sang.   The band has developed a niche on digital platforms and is featured in alternative playlists.

Nairoby’s performance on DIME is stellar – DIME is a Flamenco song first recorded by Lole and Manuel in the 80s.  It is incredibly demanding technically, with a range that could punish even a seasoned singer.


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