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Nacho “Nacho Millenium”


NACHO is one of A-Train Productions hottest Reggaeton artist. His style of Spanish rapping is the fusion of Latin lyrics, R&B and a Reggae feel, that adds to Nacho’s style of music. This type of sound is what transforms the Latin culture to follow and love Reggaeton music for the next 10 years to come.

NACHO comes from a multi-cultural background from Puerto Rican and Mexican descendants. Nacho comes out of New York City the Bronx. He grew up listening to music from the neighborhood of Spanish Harlem and Southside of the Bronx.  Nacho singing ability has taking off to the point that many people have taken notice to his singing and performance style that’s has amass a loyal following.

NACHO has just released his new Album called “She’s Bad” through A-Train Production. This type of music has taken the Latin and American people by storm. It’s a different style, but has the feel of Reggaeton music that we have all learned to appreciate and love.

A-Train Productions has taken great pride in Nacho’s performances and growth. Nacho has been with A-Train Productions for over 8 years, which has helped develop and groom him to be ready to make it to this point. A-Train Productions is an Entertainment Company that works with different artists to reach their potential that is inside every artist that truly wants to make it in the music world.

NACHO has been singing all his life from the age of 12yrs. He has always love different music that he grew up on such as: Hip Hop, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Dance Music that brought about Nacho’s unique fusion style.

NACHO would like to thank God, his family and his true friends for sticking close and believing in him. Mr. Peterson and Mr. Levene have always helped me to push myself and to never give up. Ebony, K-wiz, Dock Thomas, Lou Williams, Stoney, Earl Kennedy, Dean Jackson from Jackson Promotion Radio push & A-Train Production’s family for helping me stay focus.