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Moügli Ft Pilar Cabrera, Lika Nova “Tu Me Llevas”


MOÜGLI is a colombian band which started in Bogotá, Colombia in 2016. Their music is focused on mixing nature inspired soundscapes with current electronic trends. Formed by Juan Pablo Delgado and Samuel Lizarralde, the bands focus is to represent, through its music, the diverse cultures that compose Colombia’s multiculturalism throughout an original music genre, self defined by them as “Jungle Beat”.

MOÜGLI is back with “Tú Me Llevas” in this new rendition recorded at home. Originally released in 2019, the song voices the idea of love without borders. The concept of creating an acoustic version of this track came up during quarantine tied in on the #Pride occasion, bringing onboard Pilar Cabrera and Luis Rojas from Lika Nova, two of Colombia’s most important independent projects. “Tú Me Llevas” talks about the ways in which love is able to transport us to internal and external journeys, traveling through states of fulfillment, ecstasy and mutual connection.

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