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Milena Dominique X Dj Ramon – Isla Bonita

Milena Dominique is following up her successful releases of “El Elegido” and “Last Dance” with yet another bachata remix of a classic we love so much, “Isla Bonita.” Her latest drop has a close spot to her heart, having been so inspired by the pop icon from such a young age. “Isla Bonita” is a song we all know, love, and sing along to, so Milena’s rendition falls nothing short of compelling and addicting.

Milena paired with Derek Deler of EQS Musica to re-create “Isla Bonita” into something the bachata community would love to dance to. Produced with live instruments and the heart of Dominican Republic, “Isla Bonita,” the remix, is injected with the spirit of bachata. With this song’s Latin rhythm and English lyrics, we get to appreciate a Spanglish moment!

Milena is so excited to see dancers enjoying this bachata rendition of one of her favorite Madonna songs, “Isla Bonita.” With so many great original records coming out by Milena, we love to hear her singing the classics and in English—it’s a treat! Stream “Isla Bonita” and share with your friends.

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