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Michael Star “No Behavior”


Michael Theo Johnson (born April 23, 1998), known professionally as MichaelStar, is an International musician, singer/songwriter and Actor.
MichaelStar was born in Brooklyn, New York to mother Georgia Blackwood. His paternal grandparents is from a caribbean family that emigrated from Kingston, Jamaica to America. MichaelStar was raised as a Catholic. Many members of his family are musicians. His father is also an iconic reggae recording artist in Jamaica. Singing has always been a passion of Star, he began singing at the tender age of two where he would belt out his rendition of “My sunshine has come” by Angie Stone as he walked around the house with a microphone. As a teen Star was signed to an independent label called Star House, which gave him his first opportunity to record in a professional studio.
In 2011 Star was the winner out of 23 acts, for a Universal Music Showcase, which landed him a distribution deal with Universal Records. Michael has also landed the lead roles in over fifty plays, musicals both local and nationally, he also performed for many festivals and charity events such as Universal Circus, Atlanta Carnival and many more. 
Star’s manager Ramond “Lee Danja” Seaton first heard about the singer when his mother reached out to him about doing some promotions. Danja eventually met the singer when they had an initial meeting with him and his family. During the meeting Star played some of his songs for Danja as they discussed working together and career advice. After a short time later Star’s mom and Danja reconnected where Danja expressed his interest in signing him to a management deal in which Star and his mother agreed. Danja began looking after his affairs and would hangout at the studio all the time, and the pair would start to collaborate on several tracks. When they recorded “No Behavior” they decided they had something good enough to get on the radio. Danja later said that his support of Star’s fledgling career initially led him assuming the roles of DJ, manager, road manager and security guard. In 2018 Star released the brand new single “No Behavior” along with the music video with Lee Danja Worldwide, LLC and the song has had tremendous success since the release. 
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