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Marc Anthony And Academy Award-Winner Juan Jose Campanella Join Forces On Animated Kids Series Gloria (doesn’t) Know It All

Left to right. (Gaston Goreli, Felipe Pimiento, Carla Curiel, Marc Anthony, Juan José Campanella, Roberto Castro) Photo Credit: Magnus Studios

Marc Anthony’s Magnus Studios, a division of his entertainment media company Magnus Media; and director Juan Jose Campanella‘s animation studio Mundoloco CGI, announce a co-production alliance with Lanugo Media Inc. to develop and produce the animated children’s series Gloria (doesn’t) Know it All.

Gloria (doesn’t) Know it All is an animated series aimed for children 4-8, which shows the world the richness of the Latino culture through its most universal cultural manifestations: magical realism and music. Co-created by Carla CurielRoberto CastroFelipe Pimiento and Gaston Gorali Gloria (doesn’t) Know it All is the journey of a 7-year-old determined little Alpaca, who is sent to visit her Grandparents to a magical town, where she discovers her amazing heritage.

The team has taken inspiration on the region’s hottest commodities – its people, stories, and music, which connect to a global audience.

Marc Anthony and Felipe Pimiento will act as Executive Producers for Magnus Studios. Mr. Anthony will also act as the series Music Executive Producer supervising the creation of all original songs and music for the show.

Marc Anthony comments: “I am thrilled to start the new year with the announcement of a project that will highlight the splendor and diversity of our Latino culture for children everywhere and I am looking forward to inspire families and young generations with this story.”

Mundoloco CGI co-founders, Juan Jose Campanella and Gaston Gorali will act as Executive Producer and Showrunner, respectively.

Mr. Campanella said, “We are delighted to bring pride to all those who feel different, no matter where they come from. We want to celebrate diversity and our rich culture, from Latin America to the world.”

Mr. Gorali added, “We have assembled a true power team creating unique stories that will resonate with audiences worldwide, with original songs curated by one of the most relevant performing artists of our times.”

Curiel and Castro co-Executive Producers for Lanugo Media, shared that Gloria’s journey was inspired by their twin daughters Adriana and Emilia, who are experiencing their own journey of self-discovery and belonging.